Well Flow Tests

There  are two basic well flow tests, the 4 hour test for real estate transactions and the shorter well production test or mini flow.
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4 Hour Real Estate Sale Test
Most real estate transactions require a flow test as part of the loan conditions. The idea is that a property without adequate water is not worth very much so banks do not want to lend on them. In order to meet the requirements of the bank a 4 hour well flow test must be done by a licensed well tester. We measure the wells output every 15 minutes over a 4 hour period to determine what the flow rate of the well is. Talk you your real estate agent to see what the minimum flow requirements are (most common is 5 gallons per minute). A well flow test is also good information for the potential home buyer, it will let them know what kind of expansions or landscaping they could install on the property.
note: A well flow test will not always tell you how much water your well makes. We can only measure the output of the pump not the actual output of the well. If you have a well that makes 15gpm and a pump that makes 10gpm we would do a well flow that shows 10gpm every 15minutes for 4 hours. You would not know if your well was 15gpm or 25gpm. However old drilling reports available at
http://apps.wrd.state.or.us/apps/gw/well_log/ can give you a good idea of the well production at time of drilling.

A well production test or (mini flow) is a great way to determine the production of your well, or pump (see above note) without having to do an entire 4 hour test. Within 1-2 hours we can usually tell you what your well production is at less then half the cost of a 4 hour test.
note: A mini flow will not satisfy loan requirements for a real estate sale