Water Conditioning (Filtration)

We install all types of water conditioning equipment.

Water conditioning is becoming more and more popular. Do you have staining in or on your plumbing fixtures? Does your water sometimes have a color to it? Do you get sand or grit in the house? Does your water smell? (Yuck!) Or maybe you have just purchased a new house or had a new well drilled and you want to get your water tested and treated before you have these problems. All of these are water quality issues that can be remedied.

Small amounts of misc debris or discoloration? Check out our                                 Cartridge and Bag Filters

Constantly cleaning sand or grit out of you sprinklers? Washing machine screens? Sink aerators? Consider a Screen or Strainer

Reddish brown deposits in your toilets, appliances, tub, and drinking glasses?          You need an Iron Filter

Water spots on your favorite glasses or shower doors, white buildup on faucets and fixtures? Its time for a Water Softner

Smell rotten eggs but you don’t have a natural gas leak? You have a problem with         Sulfur

Worried about Arsenic in your drinking water? Let us answer some questions you may have about Arsenic Filters

Repeatedly failed water purity tests? Have an old or very shallow well? You may want to consider an Ultra Violet Light Filter, or a Chlorinator System

How about Reverse Osmosis?

Have you wondered what it would cost to have your water cleaned up? There are lots of great solutions available on the market today that require little or no maintenance to clean up your water situation. We can test your water (free of charge) and recommend whatever equipment is needed. Let your equipment be installed by someone who understands your complete water system. Call 541-474-7877 today for a free estimate