Cartridge and Bag Filters

Small amounts of misc debris or discoloration? Check out our                                 Cartridge and Bag Filters

Think of cartridge filter as the water equivalent of the air filter in your car, it will catch a good amount of large particles cleaning up the water supply, but it will need to be replace periodically during the year. How often it will need to be replaced is determined but the size of the filter cartridge as well as the size of the filter itself. (a fine filter with a smaller micron size will need to be replaced more often than a coarser filter with a larger micron size)

Bag filters operate in the same way as the cartridge filter. They are more expensive to install initially, but the replacement bags are cheaper than replacement cartridges and tend to last longer.

Filters range is size from 5 micron (very fine) to 50 Micron (very course)

If your looking for an affordable way to clean up your water a bag, or cartridge filter is a great option, they won’t get everything out of your water but they will help!

Bag and cartridge filters are non-effective for Hard Water, Sulfur Gas, and some types of Iron