Residential Water Systems

At Rogue Valley Pump we pride ourselves on selling the best quality products at the best possible prices.

We proudly sell, Aermotor pumps, still made in America with no design changes since the 70s! check them out at
We also carry the German designed Grundfos pump, the only all Stainless Steel constructed pumps.
Our WellRite Pressure tanks are the best in the market, available in both steel, and fiber glass construction, with regular maintenance these tanks should last you 15+ Years.

A Traditional Water System, consists mainly of two parts. A Pump, typically a submersible pump installed in the well, and a pressure tank above ground normally in a pump house by the well or in the garage.

Submersible pumps come in many, many different Gallon Per Minute Sizes and Horsepower ratings, we have pump that range from ½ hp to
7 ½hp and range from 5gpm to 100gpm. We have installed these pump in 20′ deep hand dug wells, all the way to 1000′ Drilled wells. No matter what your water situation, Rogue Valley Pump will find the right pump for your Job.

The Pressure tank , installed above ground, is the second part to your pump system. A pressure tanks main purpose is to store a small amount of pressurized water so that your pump does not have to come on  every time you flush a toilet or wash your hands. Once the stored water in the tank is used up the the pump will turn on and pump water directly to where you are using it. Once you stop using water (or if you are using less water then the pump is producing) the pressure tank will re-fill and the pump will shutoff.